Saturday, 1 December 2007

Small sentences

I am always writing far too much for the leisurely reading style demanded to keep people interested in blogs. So, a few sentences from the last few days. Will. Suffice. Bite sized. Reading. Enjoy.

Cinnamon smells like Christmas.

People who avoid voicing their concerns directly to someone's face generate a lot of resentment and destroy trust and good feeling.

Especially if the problem is broadcast in an Email to several people rather than privately between two people.

It is unprofessional and lousy.

No matter how old you are, parents can still hit you where it hurts, even unintentionally. (Completely unrelated to last three sentences btw).

Successful people and big companies completely lose sight of what it means to survive. The "small" person means nothing to them.

Sometimes I worry so much about what I should be doing, I forget that I'm actually alive NOW.

On that note, have a great weekend! I'm actually quite cheerful this evening, now I've simplified the above things in my own head and moved them into a non-existent virtual world! I'm off for a beer! Nitey nite.

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