Saturday, 22 March 2008

Best Of Japan...FOOD AND DRINK!!!

Food I am REALLY going to miss when I get back to the UK.....

1.) Raamen!!!
2.) Takoyaki!!!
3.) Sashimi (salmon, mackerel, red eye tuna, white tuna...aaahg!)
4.) 100 Yen Sushi
5.) Doriaki
6.) Steamed dumplings
7.) Gyoza!!!
8.) Azuki bean paste (anco?!)
9.) Okonomiyaki
10.) Japanese rice
11.) Interestingly flavoured rice crackers
12.) Brillian tofu dishes
13.) Custard-filled fish-shaped sweets from Hakata's street stalls.
14.) Green tea
15.) Umeshu
16.) Chu-Hi
17.) Octopus
18.) Dried, shredded squid.
19.) Cheap beer on any corner which you can drink in public and still look perfectly normal.
20.) Cooking your own food as you share and chat with friends (Shabu-shabu, yakki-nikku, hotplates at the table, etc...)
21.) Outdoor street stalls
22.) (Though I hate to admit it) Trandor cakes...especially curry donuts!
23.) BENTO!
Food I am NOT going to miss when I get back to the UK.....
1.) Rubbish bread
2.) Fruit and veg with hardly any shelf life
3.) Cakes which are far too small
4.) Tiny portions
5.) Yakitori (I just don't get the fuss)
6.) Rubbish crisps
7.) Green tea flavoured things
8.) Polished, waxed and fussily presented fruit
9.) Expensive fruit
10.) Having to look at packs of soft, soggy chicken skin, fish eggs and intestines in the supermarket.
11.) CRRRRRAPPY wine.
12.) Weiners
13.) EVERYTHING being covered in mayonnaise in a criss-cross pattern
14.) The annoying half-poured presentation of low-quality curry and rice.
15.) Stupid, plastic food models on display outside restaurants everywhere.
16.) The way even international dishes always somehow still taste and look Japanese (due to the above factors...)
17.) "Milk" with a two week shelf life which makes all tea taste, also, CRRRRRRRRRAPPY.
I am going to really miss Japan's food culture-sayonara! (weep, weep!)

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