Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Graduate Job Hunt Struggle.

Aaah job hunting is a nightmare...where am I going wrong?

If you take away the nightmare words "Marketing", "Sales", "B2B", "Bluechip", "Recruitment" "Graduate agency" and "FHM=Fun+Hard work=Money!" you are left with.....(drumroll).....Nothing!

EVERY DAY I trawl the 'net and send my CV off via. email-I have stopped being discerning-it goes to whoever, whenever, (within reason, of course-I'm not being overly fussy, though).

The point is, I'm trying hard here and getting literally two replies a week (if that) saying "You do not suit our needs at this time"...mostly for secretary work! It does NOT take a genius to be a secretary, for God's sake! I can type! I can organise! I'm not a retard...(all of the time).


I really wish I'd have known that it would be this useless. It's far too general, and teaching seems to be the inevitable miserable avenue down which most of my contemporaries venture.

Sods law dictated that I would only appreciate how useful and interesting foreign languages are AFTER I left University. If I could go back five years and tell my Uni fresher self about the job struggle and just how little an English degree prepares you for the practical world of work, I'm sure I.... would not have even listened, actually....(I was a stubborn child...)

But if I could go back, I'd do the sandwich degree of Journalism with a foreign language-two year at uni, one year STUDYING (not physically working) in a foreign country, then one last year at uni again. OH WHY DIDN'T I READ THE DAMN PROSPECTUS?!?!?!

In the words of that mulleted blonde-streaked eejit, Rod Stewart..."I wish that I knew what I know now..." etc...

Will someone give me a job, PLEASE?!?! How am I supposed to get on the ladder if nobody will give me a lift up? Telephone sales, marketing or recruitment agencies need not reply, thank you......

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Richard Jennings said...

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