Friday, 6 June 2008

Unemployment-The rocks

I have fallen into the rut I didn't think I would when I was travelling about with my little rucksack, dreaming about how great it would be when I get back to the UK.

Six weeks into being home, I wake up, I make breakfast (always the same-muesli and hot milk) I spend about an hour on the internet, I shower, then look for and apply for jobs online (hardly ever any replies), I depress myself by looking at the Guardian Jobs site, where the vacancies are director this, chairman that, you must have one million years expeience in a similar, managerial role... AAAHHGghh. Faceless jobs I will never get-and probably wouldn't want, if I was thinking clearly right now.

Even Amnesty International, which you'd think would be all for a big 'everyone has the right to do what they like and be paid!!!' welcome, come on in!!... only ever advertises impossibly high up jobs which start a forty grand a year. Come on, man, forget prisoners of war, where are my human rights to a well-paid job, amnesty!?! I tell you...

Anyway, by the time the job hunt is over, I may or may not have a splitting headache with a nosebleed thrown in for luck (sitting at computers doesn't agree with me) and then I will go out for some length of time, usually just fora walk or to an art gallery (whic are all free here in Manchester-thank you New Labour!) before getting back in time to make my boyfriend's dinner then spend an average of four hours with him sitting in the living room before he has to go to bed to leave the flat ridiculously early in the morning (sometimes around 7am) in time to see me fast asleep and snoring, dreaming about being the chairwoman of Amnesty International...

I really must find a job soon, my sanity DEPENDS upon it!!!

Going to Russia and China made me re-think my long-standing rose-tinted admiration for Communism and generally fighting the system (oh riiiight!) but this has been the icing on the cake...the grass is ALWAYS greener, and unfortunately, right now, the grass for me is a job...
Didn't think I would EVER say that.

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