Sunday, 23 November 2008

Obama's CIA Briefing

I just read the funniest thing about Barack Obama's CIA briefing a couple of weeks ago following his election win.

He made it to the HQ to be briefed on all things most important to national security as well as past events.

The article featured comments from a presidential aide called Lucas Whiteman, who told the press about Obama's first CIA meeting.

From the article: "It has emerged that Mr Obama spent most of the afternoon ignoring larger issues of the day such as Russian interventions in the Caucasus and Iranian Nuclear expansion in favour of finding out what actually really happened to President John F Kennedy."

He went straight for the file marked "Dallas 1963" as well as the ones on Roswell, Marilyn Monroe, Watergate etc... Hahaha!

It continues: "Obama was one of the most vocal [presidents] about it. All afternoon all we could hear through the door were things like ‘Well I’ll be darned…’, and ‘Oh God, that’s good…’ and ‘Well I’ll be a son of a ….’. The only one he didn’t read was the one marked ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ as he said he ‘pretty much knew all about that one already."

Hahhaha!!! Sounds like he's very much an average human being, then.

Conspiracy theorists will no doubt believe that the following files also exist:

"US Moon landings - filmed in Hollywood",
"9/11 - How we actually pulled it off",
"President Bush - constructed in labs using sticky back plastic and tissue paper",
"Arnold Schwarzenegger - battered his way to the top!"
"Roswell - We lied!"
"Oil - yep, it's valuable!"
"Weapons of mass destruction - we keep them in Nevada!"

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