Saturday, 3 November 2007

Haiku medley for the buddhist idea that "This Is It"

This is it lying
in bed Saturday morn
nothing is finer.

No work I dont have
to go to work you cant
make me I wont go.

kindergartens suck
sesses are down to me
turning up on time.

Tetleys teabags are
running low wont someone
send me some more please.

There's not many things
you cant find in daiso
just forty four pence.

My bike it got nicked
I should not have bought a
forty four pence lock.

Waiting at cash points
she has been ages just
what is she doing?

Please stop staring as
I peruse the shelves of
your small corner shop.

Grumpy conductors
It's not my fault that
I'm not Japanese.

Yodobashi I
have never been any
where better than you.

stop writing crap hai
ku and get dressed and go
out somewhere quickly.

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