Saturday, 3 November 2007

The hills are alive, with the sound of lousy bicycles...

I got up at seven fifteen this morning, pulled a 10 minute clothes and make up job (kept the buring haystack post-bed hairdo) got on my friend`s ridiculous circus-like bicycle and peddled like the wind up to Kokura Station. I parked up the trike, and went around the back to the coach bay and waved off a bunch of schoolchildren on their way to a weekend camp trip. I'm not sure why. Not one of them were my students, so when I turned up, waving at them frantically with my "Big Issue vendor" look, I saw some defated expressions behind the windows.

Then, kids off safely, I payed 100 yen for the 10 minute park-up (BAH!) got back on the old miniature penny farthing and went to the supermarket for milk, but ended up buying flowers and bread with raisins in. I dont even like raisins, either. Then, I came home and sat in my bed with my laptop and a TEAPOT full of tea, where I join you now...I think my self-imposed booze cutdown is adding years on me...teapots? Flowers? Waving children off to camp at ungodly hours? (and taking up crocheting again-true story)...Julie Andrews better watch her back.

What shall I do for the rest of the day? Well, maybe go and buy a new bike after the stealing incident last week. It's sad that I'm discussing this with a non-existent world. I'm going to see Othello tonight, though, which should be good. In Japanese, hehehe. I wonder if they will have a black actor for the part or some Japanese guy with a bit of a mature demeanour...hmmmm. I'll relate all later. Shall I wear my hair up, dress in black and superglue a wine glass to my hand? Yeah! Why else am I going?

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