Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Snow in Kitakyushu

Today I had to get up early for (what I thought was my last ever at this place, but later turned out to be penultimate...grrr!) seika I have every three weeks in some small countryside town. I have to be at the station for 8:50am (not early by general standards, but I think of myself as a martyr if I have to get up before eight).

One bowl-sized coffee later, I glanced out of my balcony door and noticed I couldn't see beyond the rail, as there was a thick flurry of SNOW dancing around outside. I love snow, so that really picked up my day. So, I swapped my flimsy dolly shoes for my trusty old friends, Mr Doc and Mr Marten and went outside to build a snowman.

Unfortunately, I remembered that I'm actually 24 and had to go to work, but I did get to enjoy the snow on the way. My gloves got soaked and my hands seemed to disappear with the numbness, but it was BEAUTIFUL!!! Check out these photos I took on the way, they remind me of Narnia, especially the one of Kokura castle with the long path flanked by old style lampposts. There is nothing quite like snow, I'm glad I got to see some this year.

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